Malasimbo sold out.

So after 7107, THE big event to go to was Malasimbo in Puerto Galera, somewhere near Manila or something.

All pictures courtesy of a close friend of mine.

First of all, it’s somewhere in the jungle. The entire venue is literally a natural Greek Theater. There were foreigner chicks everywhere. Most of the crowd were EDM scenesters who were looking for a different experience. Most of the performers were reggae/soul/jazz.


 Malasimbo is the Antithesis to 7107. It’s for the cool kids.

Or at least, that’s what I thought. That’s when you look at all of the companies that sponsored the event. What the fuck? The Malasimbo spirit was supposed to be all about leaving behind all the crap at all the other concerts; the brutish asshole bouncers, the unscrupulous ticket scalpers waiting to hound you, the gaunt-faced drug dealers trying to sell you “E” (pills that are 50% hydro-chloride, 40% baking powder, 5% dirt and grime from under their fingernails, and 5% methamphetamine).

Apparently all of the above, and more was existent at the event. Local mushroom dealers trying to exploit foreigner naivety and the likes. There were shady people that followed you when you went to use the restroom.


Last year, the tickets only cost P500 per day, but this year they were hiked to a ridiculous P3600 per head for ONE NIGHT.

Philippines, please fix your culture of unethical business, or you will forever lag behind other countries. Your immoral and “let’s make a buck RIGHT NOW” style of business is stupid; it ruins your reputation and leaves customers with a bad taste in their mouth. The most important thing between customers and businessmen is trust. If I have a good experience with your business then I trust you and I will become a loyal customer that keeps coming back for more.

If you screw us over then news of your slimy behavior will inevitably spread, and the only people going to your concerts will be shallow idiots who think going will make them look cool.

Final Verdict:

  • Music was passionate, original, legitimate.
  • Environment/venue was THE Malasimbo Experience.
  • Everything else: Epic Failure. It was an obvious cash grab from the get go, and the artists, performers, and audience all suffered because of it.



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