Marc :1

I guess I want to start blogging about my personal life. I’m a nursing student and I hope to continue that into studying medicine.

Yes, I know its hard being a doctor and most doctors totally regret becoming doctors, because they did it for all the wrong reasons.

I want to do it because I honestly have no idea what I would be doing other than that. My mother is a nurse, and I’m the eldest child of three, so the pressure is on me to set a good role model for my siblings. Its like I was destined to follow a career in medicine.

My favorite classes so far have been psychology, and anatomy and physiology. Although I’m not that good at anaphy, I truly do enjoy learning about the human body and the way it functions.

To be honest, the hardest part of my day is getting up from my bed. Once I manage to convince myself that, yes, I would like to participate in life today, everything flows quite smoothly.

At first college was so exciting. So many new people meet, so many organizations to join, so many things to learn about! Imagine, I would be studying material that is actually going to be relevant to my future occupation!

Well by the time semester 2 rolls around, you kind of have everything figured out. The days stumble into each other, each one similar to the last, the only sense of progress is marking the big X on my calendar before I go to bed.

But I think thats okay. Humans are just naturally adaptive. I think I’ve hit my stride. I’m not saying that school is easy, but its not as bad as I expected. I guess those AP classes in highschool really did prepare me.

The only really difficult thing is convincing yourself not to skip class, not to procrastinate, not to spend too much money, try not to stir trouble in your social circle.

I guess I’m closing on a neutral note. Nothing’s wrong. I’m quite bored but I can keep steaming ahead. I got this.


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