The 20something Struggle: Identity


This is it. You are in your prime. The place is here and the time is now.

You have been dreaming of being a twenty-something ever since you were a child.

Something in you just told you you were going to be awesome. The best version of you you could possibly ever hope to be. You just knew your 20s were going to be fucking mindblowing.

And then they weren’t.

And all there is, is you. You feel like you know nothing. You feel like you stagnated at age 15 and then life flashed around you in a flurry of ups and downs and suddenly time stops.

You lie there at night, unable to sleep. Wondering where it all went wrong.

What made you give up on your dreams? You were going to have the world in the palm of your hands, and all of a sudden you weren’t.

The bitter realities of life feels like a sucker punch to the gut with the damning realization that your dreams were unrealistic and futile.

But you keep trying.

You hold out for a hero. A savior. Something, someone, someplace that will give you your destiny.

That savior is you. You must rise above yourself. You must sacrifice what you are now for what you will be.

I read somewhere that your 20s were always meant to be an apprenticeship. For what, you wouldn’t know until much later.

So hang in there. Not all good things have come to pass. All is not lost.

Learn. Grow. Persist.

Keep your bleeding heart beating strong.

Fight until the bitter end. Drenched in sweat. Eyes red from the tears. Hands covered with blisters. Body marked with scars. Lungs heaving for breath.

And face with a smile.

For you are here, and the time is now,

Young Blood.


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